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Materials Sciences Research Center

We develop precise measurement techniques of neutron and synchrotron radiation, and, by complementary use of them, we research structure and functions of the advanced materials for future. Our R&D contribute to the enhancement of material science as well as industrial competitiveness.

Research and technological development

Promotion of advanced materials development

Multiple Degree of Freedom Res.・Hierarchical Structure Res.

Contribution to enhanced safety of nuclear power plants, national resilience

Mechanical Stress Res.・Imaging and Quantum Beam Analysis・Hierarchical Structure Res.・Multiple Degree of Freedom Res.

Fundamental actinides and heavy elements sciences

Actinide Chemistry・Electronic Structure Res.

Decommissioning and environmental recovery ・Nuclear issues, Energy-saving technology R&D

Environmental structural sciences・analytical science and development research

Main Facilities

  • J-PARC
  • JRR-3
  • JAEA beamline at SPring-8

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