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Oarai Research & Development Center

At the Oarai Research & Development Center, the JMTR will be able to contribute in many areas such as safety research for LWRs, radioisotopes production for industrial use and educational training of nuclear energy. Safety demonstration tests of the HTTR started in March 2002 to show inherent safety features of the HTGRs and to establish new consideration for safety design and evaluation methods.

Introduction of Neutron Irradiation and Testing Reactor Center

In Japan Material Testing Reactor (JMTR) which was achieved its initial criticality in 1968, it has secured a position as "reactor for power reactors" by 165 operation cycles for neutron irradiation tests. Missions for JMTR is as follows;

1) irradiation tests for advanced technology and safety improvement of LWRs

2) improvement of science and technology for HTGR and nuclear fusion

3) industrial utilization for production of RIs and nuclear medicine

4) support R&D for "Fukushima Accident in 2011"

To aim at progressing JMTR more attractive for users, the JMTR was refurbished not only irradiation systems but also PIE systems for four years from FY2007. The JMTR will be able to carry out advanced and expanded irradiation tests, and to contribute in many scientific and technological fields and "human resource development.“

High Temperature Engineering Test Reactor (HTTR)

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