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Takasaki Advanced Radiation Research Institute

The Takasaki Advanced Radiation Research Institute has the ion-irradiation research facility TIARA, the electron beam irradiation facility and the cobalt 60 gamma-ray irradiation facility.

Ion Beam Irradiation Facility <World’s First Facility Specialized for R&D of Materials and Biotechnology >


  • Rapid Beam Change
  • High-energy Heavy Ion Microbeam and Single Ion Hit

Single-ended Accelerator

  • Light Ion Microbeam
  • 3D In-air Micro-PIXE
  • Proton Beam Writing

Tandem Accelerator

  • Heavy Ion Microbeam & Single Ion Hit
  • Swift Cluster Ions

Ion Implanter

  • Wide Variety of Ions Including Fullerene
  • Combination Use with SEM
  • Multiple Beam Irradiation with 3 Electrostatic Accelerators

Gamma-ray Irradiation Facility (World’s Leading Gamma-ray Facility)

  • 8 Irradiation Rooms in 3 Facilities
  • Wide Range of Five-digit Adsorption Dose Rate
  • Controllable Condition of Irradiation Sample Environment

Electron Beam Irradiation Facility (Electron Accelerator for Industrial Use)

  • Wide Range of Accelerating Voltage (1.0-2.0 MV)
  • Continuous Irradiation with Conveyer
  • Water Cooling System against Irradiation Sample Heat

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