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About us

We, the Sector of Nuclear Science Research, have launched the following mission: “Advancing the latest science and technology that supports the use of radiation and atomic energy, and continuing the fundamental support of atomic energy development.”

Specifically, we will take full advantage of basic research equipment such as research and test reactors, hot labs, and J-PARC (a high energy proton accelerator) to promote research and development that will become the foundation for the discovery of new principles and new phenomenon, and the creation of new materials, databases and calculation codes, measurement and analysis technology, and new ways of utilizing quantum beams, etc., as well as collaborate with universities and industry to develop the promising human resources that carry the responsibility of the future, and contribute to the development and use of nuclear technology that enables a sustainable society.

Moreover, we will contribute to the realization of a better society by the creation of innovative technology in areas of new nuclear reactor technology such as an accelerator-driven reactor for mass transmutation and industrial, agricultural, and medical uses of quantum beams.

This research and development is executed in five centers located in the central Ibaraki district and Harima (see organization chart).

In order to accomplish the above mission, we have raised the following two vision statements:

  • “Fulfilling the role of a central research institute that supports the nuclear energy infrastructure of our country,”
    “Leading in the international competition of basic research and development capabilities,”

and, furthermore, to realize this vision we have embarked on a strategy, consisting of the following five points:

  • (1)Foster a culture that gives top priority to safety.
    (2)Maintain and enhance a high level of science and technology and of coverage of fundamental research areas.
    (3) Implement in society the results of collaborative research with industry and with other departments.
    (4)Maintain and improve the infrastructure at JAEA for the active common use of universities and industry.
    (5)Promote organizational management with the purpose of realizing synergy and efficiency between basic research projects and between basic and applied projects.

In this way, the Sector of Nuclear Science Research by promoting those activities clarified in the above mission, vision, and strategy, will be in accordance with the spirit of the Atomic Energy Basic Act stated as “To secure energy resources in the future, achieve scientific and technological progress, and promote industry by encouraging the research, development and utilization of nuclear energy, thereby contributing to the improvement of the welfare of human society and of the national living standard.” By doing these things, we hope to earn the trust of the citizens.

We ask for, and look forward to, your continued understanding, support, and encouragement.

Director General, Sector of Nuclear Science Research Yukitoshi Miura

Japan Atomic Energy Agency

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