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About us

Our mission at the Sector of Nuclear Science Research is: "Providing leadership on the safe use of nuclear power and radiation, creating new science, technology, and industry."

More specifically, we will take full advantage of research facilities and equipment such as: research reactors, hot labs, and J-PARC (Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex) to promote research and development laying the foundation for nuclear science. We will explore areas such as discovery of new principles and new phenomena, creation of new materials, databases and simulation codes, measurement/analysis technologies, and techniques for utilizing quantum beams. We will also collaborate with universities and industry to develop promising human resources that forge the future and contribute to the development and use of nuclear technology enabling a sustainable societal development.

The JRR-3 research reactor, halted since the Great East Japan Earthquake, resumed operation on February 26, 2021. We will now be able to continuously supply Japan's highest intensity steady-state neutron beam from the JRR-3. In collaboration with J-PARC's Materials and Life Science Experimental Facility (MLF), a high-intensity pulsed neutron experimental facility, we will provide a setting where a diverse group of researchers and engineers can come together for scientific investigation and innovation. We will contribute to the development of cutting-edge scientific innovation and technology as a global center for neutron science.

These research and development activities are carried out within the Nuclear Science Research Institute (located in the Ibaraki region and Harima) by five centers (see organization chart) and the base organizations whose main focus is facility operation and management.

As the vision for the future needed to attain these missions, we will strive to be an "organization which continually creates innovations." To achieve that, we are focusing our efforts on the following four areas:

(1) Strive to be an organization trusted by society by ensuring operational safety as our top priority.

(2) Improve our ability to respond to the needs of society through international standardization and strengthening our standing.

(3) Improve our ability to create innovations by strengthening collaboration with partners inside and outside JAEA.

(4) Improve our scientific appeal by disseminating research results and achievements.

Thus, we, the Sector of Nuclear Science Research, engage in daily activities to pursue our mission and contribute to society in accordance with the spirit of the Atomic Energy Basic Act; "to secure future energy resources, achieve progress in science and technology, and promote industry, by encouraging research, development, and utilization of nuclear energy, and thereby contribute to improvement of the welfare of human society and the people's living standard.”

We greatly appreciate your further understanding as well as continuous support and encouragement.

Hiroyuki OIGAWA

Director General, Sector of Nuclear Science Research

Japan Atomic Energy Agency

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